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We at Impilo Swimming have had a long standing relationship with Pelham Senior Primary School, that has been growing year on year. 2022 saw the birth of a brand new opportunity that by design aims at, MAKING EVERY CHILD A SWIMMER, We are please to have launched the Impilo Splash concept. We now allow Pelham Senior Primary pupils the opportunity to receive private swim school quality lessons at a fraction of the cost with the added advantage of the lessons being held at the school. All profits from these lessons are channeled back to the school in the form of heating or pool improvements. 

2024 Impilo Splash program is now full, but please don't run away, openings can happen and we are running waiting lists, so please continue to the bottom of the page and complete the registration form. We will contact you as soon as a space becomes available.

Please note first term is now ended , All current members will be removed from the admin system but your space will held until the 1st of October 2024, All current members will be required to resign up, registration will open on the 23rd of September 2024, any current member who has not signed up between the 23rd September 2024  and the 1st of October 2024 will be removed as it will be assumed that you are no longer swimmer and the space awarded to the next swimmer on the waiting list

 For all Aftercare arrangements please contact Sandra on 072 424 4755 to make arrangements.


Monday and Wednesday & Tuesday and Thursday

Session 1 : 15:30 to 16:00  

Session 2 : 16:00 to 16:30 

Session 3 (advanced nippers Squad) Will no longer be available with in this program please contact Kelvin on 072 086 25 549 for more information regarding these squads.

Please note classes are always filled from 15:30 then when full, we then start fulling the next classes 

Maximum of 10 Swimmers per class per available instructor.  (limited space, first come first serve basis)

Impilo Splash Terms and conditions

Special Terms and Conditions for Swimmers
1.  Swimmers to arrive on time and leave on time.
2.No child may enter the school property outside of School time for any reason.
3. Strict Arrive on time and leave straight after lesson policy is in place.
4.  no swimmers may remain on the school property from the tine school closes to the lesson start time.
5.  Should a lesson need to be cancelled for any reason, such as lighting or unsafe conditions, the swimmer will be sent to the school hall for collection.
6.  All swimmers are to leave via the Impilo Swimming gates, FULLY DRESSED, IN APPROPIRATE ATTIRE NOT IN COSTUMES AND TOWELS.
Special Terms and Conditions for Parents / Guardians
1. No prorate fees will be entertained for any reason whatsoever.
2. No makeup/reschedules/ credits will be entertained or any reason whatsoever.
3. No Prorate fees for starting the program Late.
4. Should the Swimmer not be collected within 15 minutes after the class has ended, the swimmer will be sent to Aftercare at the parents’ expense. The Aftercare fee would then need to be paid directly to Sandra 072 424 4755 before entering the water for the swimmer’s next lesson.
5.  An Aftercare shuttle bus will be available at certain times at an extra cost, please refer to Sandra on 072 424 47 55 for arrangement and fee structure.
6. All fees (swimming, membership, Aftercare) are to be fully paid up before the commencement of lessons.
7. No cash payments may be given to the coach at the lesson, cash payments may only be paid at the IMPILO SWIMMING OFFICE at 20 Woodhouse Road, Scottsville, pmb.
8.  All fees to be paid directly via eft into the bank account details specified on the statement of accounts.
9. Swimmer may only be collected from the Impilo Swimming Gate under normal conditions and the main School gate in emergency or lighting conditions.
10. The only contact details to be used is 079 161 0 888 or, this if for your convenience and swimmers’ safety, as coaches will NOT answer calls or reply to texts while coaching.
1.  This program is totally private and has no connection to Pelham Senior Primary School.
2. Should the program be forced to stop, all accounts will be credited with the remaining amount of lessons in the term and credit will be used against the next available terms invoices, NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE ENTERTAINED FOR WHAT EVER REASON.
3. Should you enjoy your time with us so much and wish to join one of our other venues on
a more regular basis, please contact 079 161 0 888 to make arrangements.
4. Please note membership to Impilo Splash is Only R50 and does not allow access
to any other venue be it Impilo Woodhouse, Impilo Bisley or Penguins Swimming Club venues.
5. Should the swimmer choose to join one of the other venues midterm, Pelham Venue
fees will be forfeited and all required fees to the new venue would be due as per the new venue requirements.
6. please note that Impilo Swimming has no connections to Pelham Senior Primary School
or the aftercare facilities. Please direct all communications to the relevant party.
7. ALL COMUNICATIONS BETWEEN US AND YOU, WILL OCCUR FROM THE WHATTSAPP GROUP ONLY. If you are not on WhatsApp, then you will need to download it from your App store.
8.  All persons entering the property do so at their own risk and understand that there are
risks associated with sport, and choose to indemnify all coaches, staff, volunteers, against
all personal injuries, death, and the loss of personal items via theft or any other means.
As far as to accept that all measures have been put in place to provide a safe space
for the swimmers to learn the required skills of the sport.
9. The swimmer and parents / guardian understand that should the swimmer move on to the higher stages of the sport, they can, subject to higher membership fees, monthly fees as well as
may need to change venues and coaches.

WE AT IMPILO ARE SO PLEASED TO INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUT FAMILY, at the end of Pelham Splash, should you wish to continue with your lessons feel free to contact our admin staff and look into other options, No need to resign up. 

Should you have any queries during your time with us, feel free to contact our office during office hours on the below contact details.

033 345 39 66/ 079 171 0 888

Registrations now Closed and will open on the 23rd of September 2024
Acknowledgment of Debt
This form is for those starting Splash but only paying end of the month.
Acknowledgement of Debt.pdf (17.7KB)
Acknowledgment of Debt
This form is for those starting Splash but only paying end of the month.
Acknowledgement of Debt.pdf (17.7KB)