We have a variety of services on offer which are used as education mediums such as:

1 .

Learn to swim sessions

2 .

Adult learn to swim sessions

3 .

Once off stroke correction in swimming for any ages, child or adult.

4 .

Sports nutrition advise and implementation of good all round healthy diet aimed at promoting better performance, enhanced mood and happiness.

Experienced and professional coaching for everyone.

Swimming should be a part of every one’s day to day life, when one looks at drowning statistics from around world, we are reminded that swimming is in fact a life skill. The sad reality is drowning does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, financial background, upbringing or any other factor, we as people need to take the responsibility to learn or provide the opportunity for others to learn. We at Rapid Aquatics Swim School believe that any one can learn irrespective of age, physical abilities or financial standing, we at Rapid Aquatics Swim School with our Denray Aquatics Academy can cater for everyone.

Our members are not specifically tied to any club or organisation and can offer our services to any individual or group of athletes. However, do suggest you join Penguins Swimming club once your coach has agreed that you are able to compete at that level as Kelvin Mumford the school head instructor and owner, coaches at the club, this membership is an annual fee, and allows you to race in their club events and monthly club time trial, please view Penguins swimming Club button for more information.

All instructors are qualified and registered with the Swimming South Africa or carry a coach code as controlled by Swimming South Africa.

We offer swimming lessons from learn to swim up to beginner squad level with the Penguins swimming Club or at Pelham Senior Primary School venue.